Thanksgiving for a Perfect Inversion

Sunrise at Yaki Point during the perfect inversion.

I have been a resident of the United States for almost 8 years now and even had the chance to visit the country when I was just a child with my parents. The most amazing aspect of this country, for me at least, was its spectacular National Parks. In my humble opinion they are one of the best gifts this young country has given the world. They thought the world about conservation of  beautiful, majestic natural wonders for the future generations to enjoy.

Desert view Watchtower getting swarmed by clouds.

My fascination with the National Parks started with an old brochure my dad bought from one of his trips when I believe I was around 11 or 12. The park feature in that document was the Grand Canyon, it had details about the geology and comparisons about its depth to various metro skylines. I think the amazing bright colors of the soil stayed with me all these years. It’s pretty safe to say that the brochure made one hell of an impression on me.

Finally after waiting for almost 20 years, I visited the Grand Canyon during the Thanksgiving holidays of Nov 2013. We reached the canyon on Thursday early morning and visited most of the popular sights on the Thanksgiving Day. On Friday was when the real fun started, we headed over by the park shuttle to Yaki point in hope of getting a nice sunrise shot. What we witnessed there was nothing short of mind-blowing, we could see the canyon and really fast moving clouds filling the canyon while on the rim it was a perfectly sunny beautiful day.

Everyone at the location thought this was pretty normal for late Autumn at the canyon but the rangers told us that we were witnessing a once in a life term phenomenon called a Perfect Inversion. It was actually quiet fun shooting in such rare magical conditions and here are the results I got from shooting the event. I am so thankful that I got to witness such an Epic event and that the Grand Canyon didn’t disappoint that star crossed boy of 12.

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