Location tip - Annisquam light.

For those who are on the east coast this is the Annisquam Light which is located at Gloucester, MA. As you will probably guess from my Flickr photo stream I have a fascination for lighthouses and being in New England which has so many picturesque and historic it was just inevitable that I will end up hunting for them.

Annisquam Light

This is one of my favorite locations but getting here is a pain as there are no parking available and the house attached to the lighthouse is private property. But if you hang in there you will be rewarded with a beautiful location with viewpoints from both east and west.

The last time I was here I didn’t feel like I did justice to this beautiful location and I was a bit more prepared for this shot. As expected the sunset was beautiful and there were a lot more clouds in the sky than last time also a lot more mosquitoes and ticks.

I set this shot very fast as the sunset had already began and used 2 Cokin ND grad filters as a makeshift reverse ND grad and also bracketed exposures. Bracketing was done to be on the safer side but combination of both the methods worked like a dream and I would say this was closest to what my eyes were seeing. I am really glad I could retain the colors of the grass and get the foreground rocks correctly exposed. Seems Like I am getting the hang of this.