Big Sur Travel Journal


We have been to Big Sur many times before, either visiting Big Sur or just driving through RT1 but never have Big Sur been so beautiful and trip so rewarding. We do a lot of traveling, so much that our parents call us travel junkies. I think in our case it’s the rush we get from seeing so many new places and seeing Mother Nature during the best light. Also, I want to add my husband has never been so relaxed on any trip before, not yelling and screaming, just more relaxed but that is all together a different story, not related to this article.

I guess we can divide our trip into Day 1 and Day 2

Day 1

First day was mostly driving through Big Sur stopping and enjoying the views from Rt 1, it was warmer than what we expected which was a welcomed surprise. We wanted to get to Pfeiffer State Beach, Natural Bridge for Sunset, but we did not expect so many people will be there, so we ended up waiting 20-25 minutes in line to park, so photographer hubby ran with his camera bag, filters and tripod to the beach not to miss the glorious shot which only occurs in the month of January. Below are couple of shots of the phenomenon.

Day 2

The second day started with very fulfilling breakfast buffet at Big Sur Roadhouse and then driving South on Big Sur coastline, stopping and enjoying the views. We decided to spend our afternoon until sunset on beach at Jade Cove. Until sunset, we enjoyed the beach by being silly and goofing off at the beach. Enjoying the warmth of the sun, the waves and lovely sand under the feet, just walking and chatting and no photography, so no shots for the afternoon. Although we took some shots, just before the sunset.


As the sun started to set, and it started to get chilly, we sat there all prepared to enjoy sunset and ready to shoot in perfect light. After we packed and we were ready to go and climbed the hill, we realized the sunset looked even more spectacular from a point above so we ran to the spot and unpacked camera, put the right lens, put the filters and set the tripod all in like 2 min, as you can see you do not want to miss this moment.

And then what, we packed up ready to go home and I started driving and hubby  shouts to stop at this overlook and I am thinking is really dark now and what did he see, so VOILA!

This shot was taken almost as there was no light left over, using a Lee ND grad 0.3 to capture the wall of fog which was rolling in from the Pacific Ocean. We could see the fog coming in from the ocean during sunset and this was taken almost as the fog reached the beach, so you can see the surf but the rest is fog not ocean.


One of the good highlights of the trip was Wee Shack at Morro Bay, we had lunch and dinner there on Day 1 and Day 2 respectively. Here is there yelp link (, absolutely delicious burgers.